John Dienhart (English)

VISL Project Co-ordinator


August 12, 1939 - April 4, 2004

John Dienhart was Associate Professor (lektor) of English in the Institute of Language and Communication at Odense University. He was educated at Yale University (B.A. mathematics), Arizona State University (M.A. anthropology), and the University of Wisconsin - Madison (M.A. lingustics). He joined the staff at Odense University in 1971. His research and publications dealt with English grammar, phonetics, general linguistics, comparative syntax (English, Danish, German), the language of poetry, the language of humor, computers, and Mayan language.

John Dienhart was one of the founding fathers of VISL and was head of the English section until his death. He was untiring in his efforts to further the project in every possible way: he wrote countless VISL project applications, and as project co-ordinator, available almost around the clock, he ensured the smooth running of the VISL project from day to day for the benefit of users world wide. With the passing of John Dienhart the VISL team has lost a very valuable and enthusiastic member.


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