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The Text Painter is a language awareness tool, designed by Eckhard Bick for the VISL-SEM and URKAS projects. Grammatical text properties are made visible and graphically accessible for stylistic comparisons, genre typing, style grading and the like. The interface allows you to highlight selected grammatical features in any text. Use your own texts, or cut and paste from the internet. Everything will be analysed live with VISL's taggers and parsers. Apart from a few seconds at start-up, time consumption will be proportional to text size.

Choose one or more features from the function menu (e.g. subjects) and/or form menu (word classes). Note that the AND/OR operators between the form and function menus are mathematical set operators. subject AND noun will highlight subjects that are nouns - and no other subject, nor nouns that aren't subjects. subject OR noun, on the other hand, also allows, for instance, noun objects and pronoun subjects. You can also write a specific category abbreviation into the yellow category field, which will override possible menu choices (e.g. N for noun, or @SUBJ for subject). For a list of abbreviations, see the fairly universal Danish CG tag set. For definitions, have a look at the Danish category definitions, or choose a text from VISL's lecture notes page .