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  List of comment types used in the Danish Spelling Checker

Since the spelling checker at this stage is only an experimental demonstration tool for a limited number of features in a limited number of contexts, the error types listed below will not be recognized as such by the spelling checker in all kinds of sentences. Error comments are mapped by a separate grammar module on top of the ordinary Constraint Grammar analysis, so the quality of the parser's analysis proper has no direct bearing on the quality of the error comment mapping grammar, which has to be updated and enlarged independently. The only direct link is via the lexicon - improvements in the lexicon will yield a better precision in the spelling checker, i.e. fewer false positive alarms (correct words tagged as wrong due to lexicon gaps).
Comment Meaning Example
: ... (word) ordinary spelling error with correction suggestion esdragon : estragon
neu neuter gender (neutrum, intetkøn) den røde hus ved vanden
neu-sc neuter gender in subject complement (subjektsprædikativ) huset er rød
utr common gender (utrum, fælleskøn) det gamle hest i staldet
utr-sc common gender in subject complement hesten er gammelt
pl plural (pluralis, flertal) mange hest
pl-sc plural in subject complement hestene er gammel
sg singular (singularis, ental) mange stor huse
sg-sc singular in subject complement huset er store
idf indefinite (indefinit, ubestemt) et røde ...
idf-sc indefinite in subject complement huset er gamle
def definite (definit, bestemt) det rød ...
vfin finite verb (bøjet udsagnsord) rather than infinitive (navneform) De begynde at danse
inf infinitive (navneform) rather than finite verb (bøjet udsagnsord) De begynder at danser
comp- typical first part of compound (samskrivning) banegårds center
comp-:- proper noun as first part of hyphenated compound (bindestreg-samskrivning) FN resolutioner
-comp typical second part of compound (samskrivning) fodbold spiller
hyphen-prefix missing hyphen in prefix-coordination første og andenstemme
hyphen-suffix missing hyphen in suffix-coordination hofdamer og herrer
majuskel initial letter should have been in upper case han er i alaska
minuskel initial letter should have been in lower case Hun blev bidt af en Løve
question missing question mark (marked on finite verb) Hvad har du set
order-sub wrong word order in subclause (marked after finite verb) ..., fordi Peter har ikke gjort det
order-main wrong word order in subclause (marked before finite verb) I dag storken er kommet
ny?*1 compound candidate, but not listed in the parsing lexicon (may either be o.k. or an error) mudderkastningskonkurrence
fejl! may be wrong (no non-heuristic analysis asssigned by the parser, and no compound candidate) kanguro

*1 This tag easily overgenerates, and will be assigned to many real spelling errors, provided the parser can find some - often odd - combination of roots, suffixes or prefixes from its lexicon to match the word form in question.


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