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General Information
   Symbol set BLF: Bjarne le Fevre's Danish category set for SDU teaching. (In Danish)
Symbol set EB : The Danish category set used by Eckhard Bick's DanGram parser, in CG research, corpus annotation and the Arboretum Treebank, with semantic features and glossary of terms. (In English)
DanGram CG tags (pdf): Tags used in the Arboretum CG Treebank and Korpus90/2000 (alphabetical, including name types).
DanGram PSG tags (pdf): Tags used in the Arboretum Constituent Treebank, (Alphabetical list, including name types).
Name types (paper): Named Entity Recognition in CG Corpus Annotation (Eckhard Bick, Fefor 2002)


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