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Grammar Quizzes


The Alphabet:

Match letter with name


Match forms:

Match form labels in Arabic and English.


Match functions:

Match function labels Arabic and English.


Word classes:

Multiple choice quiz, testing Arabic word class terminology.


Pronouns 1:

Multiple choice quiz, testing independent pronouns.

Pronouns 2:

Multiple choice quiz, testing dependent pronouns.


Multiple choice quiz, testing possession.

These quizzes test general knowledge of Arabic grammar. Match forms tests the user's knowledge of word class terminology in Arabic and English. Match functions tests the user's knowledge of function labels in Arabic and English. Word classes tests the user's knowledge of Arabic word class terminology (اسم ، فعل ، حرف). Pronouns tests the user's knowledge of independent and dependent pronouns. Idafa tests the user's knowledge of possessions. VISL wellcomes all contributions and suggestions for additional quizzes.

Quiz for advanced students – first draft

The Alphabet, Match forms and functions, Word classes, Pronouns and Idafa have been designed and implemented by Maria Kyung Overgaard. Sounds by Saliha Marie Fettah. The software used for the quizzes are Hot Potatoes –Half-Baked Software.


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