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Pre-analyzed English sentences

Gymnasium English for Science and Technology
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English for Science and Technology

The following sentences have been provided by Sonja Poulsen, SDU-Odense University

in conjunction with her course in Business English

  EST1) The main application for cams in bicycle technology is in quick-release mechanisms.

  EST 2) As the quick-release lever is rotated from the open to the closed position, the cam built into the pivoting end of the handle applies a push to the quick-release mechanism housing, and a pull to the skewer.

  EST 3) The seat post telescopes into the seat tube of the frame, providing the adjustment for saddle height.

  EST 4) The seat post is usually secured by a pinch bolt at the top of the seat tube.

  EST 5) Modern, high-quality seat posts have the saddle clamps mechanism built into the top of the post.

  EST 6) Front shock absorbing forks and rear suspension system are tuned together to give smooth free ride performance and totally controlled descent.

  EST 7) A suspension front fork is tuned to a responsive frame with a rigid rear end for enhanced cross country climbing.

  EST 8) Specified on our top of the range models, the Shimano Rapid Fire shifter provides a bar-mounted total control unit, fully indexed for fast, positive changes across the full range of gears.

  EST 9) Pistons inside the cylinders compress the mixture, which is then ignited by a spark-plug.

  EST 10) The up-and-down movement of the pistons is transformed into rotary movement to dirve the crankshaft, which in turn transmits power to the wheels through the clutch, gearbox and final drive.

  EST 11) A camshaft, drive by the crankshaft, controls intlet and exhaust valves at the top of each cylinder.

  EST 12) The starter motor, which is geared to the flywheel, is operated electrically and turns the flywheel and crankshaft, which starts the pistons and connecting rods moving up and down.

  EST 13) Never start or run the engine inside a closed room or building.

  EST 14) Move at least 10 feet away from fuelling site before starting engine.

  EST 15) Make sure the trimmer head is properly installed and securely fastened.

  EST 16) Disconnect the spark plug before performing maintenance except for carburetor adjustments.

  EST 17) Use only accessories recommended for this tool by the manufacturer.

  EST 18) Failure to use the proper parts can cause the cutting attachment to fly off and seriously injure the operator and/or bystanders.

  EST 19) Stop engine before removing fuel cap.

  EST 20) Store the tool so that the line limiter cannot accidentally cause injury.


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