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Pre-analyzed English sentences

Gymnasium English for Science and Technology
HHX Structural Grammar
Elementær Sætningsanalyse Handels- og Ingeniørhøjskolen
English Sentence Analysis Old Exam Papers
English Sentence Analysis Far from the Madding Crowd
Søren Rasmus Ravn Andersen Call of the Wild
Grammar and Written Proficiency HTX

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SECTION 1: Sentences with simple subject and simple predicator (and some adverbials) [Sætninger med subjekt og verballed (simple led) (+evt. adverbialer)]

HTX1) Eventually, cells die.
HTX2) Once again, we won.
HTX3) Antioxidants occur in food.
HTX4) I looked at the sky.
HTX5) In 1969 man was on the moon.
HTX6) Yesterday she cried all day.
HTX7) He leaves for Japan next Friday.
HTX8) Scientists push for broad support.
HTX9) Bone-loss begins in the early 30s.
HTX10) Einstein celebrated in his laboratory.
HTX11) With aging comes deterioration.
HTX12) Politicians vote on research funding.

SECTION 2: Sentences with complex subject and complex predicator (with some adverbials) [Sætninger med subjekt og verballed (komplekse led) (+evt. adverbialer)]

HTX13) Clearly, the best solution will occur at molecular level.
HTX14) The big beautiful elephant will be moved to another zoo.
HTX15) The budget must be approved by the governor.
HTX16) Bone tissue functions as an important reservoir for calcium.
HTX17) Gum disease has been associated with increased risk for heart disease.
HTX18) Perceptual systems may trigger physiologic decisions.
HTX19) Heterozygous mice are equally successful at colour discrimination tasks.
HTX20) The State Assembly has voted in favour of stem cell research.
HTX21) Embryonic stem cell research improves every day.
HTX22) A few years ago, stem cell research was heatedly discussed in the news.
HTX23) A cell-for-cell replacement model of neurogenesis might provide a more elegant solution.

SECTION 3: Sentences with subject, predicator and direct obejct [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og direkte objekt]

HTX24) Drugs affect the body.
HTX25) He developed the system.
HTX26) The men joined forces.
HTX27) The user sends an emoticon.
HTX28) The mind controls the body.
HTX29) Sharks have a third eyelid.
HTX30) An emoticon shows an expression.
HTX31) He was given a great handbook.
HTX32) Mice test products for humans.
HTX33) Bush presented a budget proposal.
HTX34) Scientists need support for research.
HTX35) Horses have constantly growing teeth.
HTX36) Such products have their own limitations.
HTX37) The material created an environment.
HTX38) After tooth loss, poor nutrition causes problems.
HTX39) Edison invented the light bulb in 1879.
HTX40) Some insects can survive a nuclear attack.
HTX41) The nervous system has a fulltime job.
HTX42) Emoticons can communicate your mood.
HTX43) He codeveloped the new laser device.
HTX44) The researchers built a clinical prototype.

SECTION 4: Sentences with subject, predicator and two obejcts [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed, inddirekte objekt og direkte objekt]

HTX45) He gave me the results.
HTX46) I will give you my word.
HTX47) Will you hand me the glass?
HTX48) Carlos handed James the sample.
HTX49) He gave Tim the money.
HTX50) Will he bring me the articles?
HTX51) The bus driver gave the student a free ride.
HTX52) The millionaire offered the fond his support.
HTX53) Finally Lola bought him the chemist set.
HTX54) The doctor gave me the result a week ago.
HTX55) The student gave the teacher a red apple.
HTX56) A politician gave his mom classified information.
HTX57) The board of education offered the teacher a new job as headmaster.
HTX58) During the exploration of space the astronaut brought NASA information about our solar system.

SECTION 5: Sentences with subject, predicator and subject complement [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og subjektsprædikat]

HTX59) Gold looks yellow.
HTX60) Is silver totally reflective?
HTX61) The evidence is strong enough.
HTX62) Dentists are crazy about teeth.
HTX63) Metaphysics is very complex.
HTX64) Dolly is a cloned sheep.
HTX65) The photo looked original.
HTX66) She seemed happy yesterday.
HTX67) My dog is my best friend.
HTX68) The body is a living machine.
HTX69) Leonardo Da Vinci was a brilliant engineer.
HTX70) The silicon-based optical is new.
HTX71) Cell phones are low-bandwidth applications.
HTX72) Warped expressions are easily identifiable.
HTX73) Filters are an important addition to the growing family of silicon photonics.

SECTION 6: Sentences with subject, predicator and object complement [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og objektsprædikat]

HTX74) She painted the lab white.
HTX75) He saw the shop close.
HTX76) They elected him president.
HTX77) The doctor called them brave.
HTX78) All that fuss made me hysterical.
HTX79) Today all students buy cars cheap.
HTX80) I consider him my best colleague.
HTX81) Suddenly he declared the winner a cheater.
HTX82) The blood sample proved everything wrong.
HTX83) The result of the analysis made him happy.
HTX84) The use of computers makes the drawing a lot easier.

SECTION 7: Sentences with different types of adverbials [Sætninger med forskellige typer adverbialer]

HTX85) Human genes vary widely in length.
HTX86) Tom Arnold is a professor at the University of Toronto.
HTX87) In 2005, the first silicon laser was announced.
HTX88) The user can upload the image from their camera phone.
HTX89) Next Wednesday we can look at stars in the countryside.
HTX90) Tomorrow we will meet at Union station in Washington.
HTX91) Normally, mice have two types of cone photoreceptors.
HTX92) In the last decades much have improved in the telemarketing area.
HTX93) The researchers built a clinical prototype of the device this month.
HTX94) The study is reported in the March issue of Molecular Cancer Research.
HTX95) This profile consists of a decomposition of the original photo.
HTX96) Peter created generic computational models for each type of expression.
HTX97) The results of the evaluations are published in the current edition of the school paper.

SECTION 8: Imperative sentences [Imperativ sætninger]

HTX98) Watch out!
HTX99) Keep cool.
HTX100) Hurry up.
HTX101) Keep out of reach.
HTX102) Release the heat.
HTX103) Design your experiment.
HTX104) Buy this one.
HTX105) Think about nature.
HTX106) Clean up the classroom now!
HTX107) Follow the procedure you already know.

SECTION 9: Sentences with finite object clauses [Sætninger med objekter realiseret af finitte ledsætninger]

HTX108) I wonder if this will work.
HTX109) I said that it could not be true.
HTX110) I know that the sun is a star.
HTX111) She must ensure that the product is safe.
HTX112) He told me how the machine works.
HTX113) One guy asked me if I was done for today.
HTX114) Man is planning to return to the moon.
HTX115) Some people believe that this system is the best.
HTX116) We want to do a field search in our biology class.
HTX117) We believe that chemistry is an important field.
HTX118) She points out that it was a low budget project.
HTX119) I believe that your invention is among the best.
HTX120) Do you believe that we will live on the moon 100 years from now?

SECTION 10: Sentences with adverbial clauses [Sætninger med adverbialer i form af ledsætninger]

HTX121) Do you communicate while drinking a soda?
HTX122) Technology will improve until man runs out of ideas.
HTX123) I could not talk until he had left the building.
HTX124) My computer logged me off while I was programming.
HTX125) While you finish your project, I will take the dog out for a walk.
HTX126) When you develop a product an idea is a must.
HTX127) He was gone before I managed to talk to him.
HTX128) I keep my chemical forms in my safe, while the staff clean the house.
HTX129) If the virus attacks we must inject each person with this serum.
HTX130) When communication fails you have to locate the problem.
HTX131) If the construction is approved we can continue the work.
HTX132) You must run several tests before you decide on a model.
HTX133) Kelly asked for another cup of tea while she was visiting me.

SECTION 11: Sentences with relative clauses [Sætninger med relativsætninger]

HTX134) Snakes that live in water can be lethal.
HTX135) The man who lives next door is my teacher.
HTX136) The material, which we use, is the strongest.
HTX137) Myths, which tell magical stories, are universal.
HTX138) Did Einstein have a wife who made him dinner every night?
HTX139) Bill Gates, who is the man behind Microsoft, is very rich.
HTX140) The new initiative that supports constructors will be approved.
HTX141) The test result, which will be announced tomorrow, is very important.
HTX142) Criminals who commit a deathly crime will be put in prison for a long time.
HTX143) Each group which attends physical training must wear sports clothes.
HTX144) The hotels, which are very luxurious, are build on empty lots.
HTX145) This was developed by a task force that included employees.

SECTION 12: Sentences with a formal subject [Sætninger med forløbigt subjekt]

HTX146) There are two types of diabetes.
HTX147) It is important that you read this book.
HTX148) There is an error in the database.
HTX149) It concerns me that you don't wear the helmet.
HTX150) There is a man in my backyard.
HTX151) Finally there was a break in the show.
HTX152) There are many cells in the body.
HTX153) It is breaking news that the company went bankrupt.
HTX154) Already, there is a demand for my products.
HTX155) There are some spelling mistakes in your contract.
HTX156) There are exams I will pass easily.
HTX157) There is a need for regulations in the program.
HTX158) It bothers me to see them walk away.
HTX159) There is a mathematic genius in our class.

SECTION 13: Sentences in the passive voice [Passive sætninger]

HTX160) He had been arrested for fraud.
HTX161) The verdict has been given.
HTX162) Clearly, he had been wronged.
HTX163) Sometimes death is being tricked.
HTX164) She was offered a vaccine against HIV.
HTX165) Tomorrow I will be handed a new assignment.
HTX166) The subject was blown out of proportion.
HTX167) All the competitors will be tested for EPO.
HTX168) The plan had been postponed for months.
HTX169) The environment is being exploited for its oil.
HTX170) The scientist will be granted a large sum of money.
HTX171) James was given a chance to prove his innocence.
HTX172) The professor was nominated for the Nobel_Prize.

SECTION 14: Sentences with infinitive clauses [Sætninger med infinitivsætninger]

HTX173) To trace DNA is a tricky business.
HTX174) He offered to help them right away.
HTX175) I want to try the new playstation3.
HTX176) Would you like to drive the car?
HTX177) The company wants to give a donation.
HTX178) Researchers want to show their work to the public.
HTX179) I wanted to visit my old aunt yesterday.
HTX180) To find good employees is very difficult.
HTX181) You must remember to read the instructions carefully.
HTX182) The professor thinks that we like to work in pairs.
HTX183) People with diabetes take insulin to control their blood sugar.

SECTION 15: Sentences with paratagms (compound units) [Sætninger med paratagmer]

HTX184) You and I can be partners.
HTX185) Both students and teachers use the canteens.
HTX186) She shopped for both herself and her mother.
HTX187) The target is neither a person nor an animal.
HTX188) He required a non-smoking employee with good sense and great skills.
HTX189) Hormones and local growth factors stimulate the production of collagen.
HTX190) The modern human diet consists of animal fat and processed foods.
HTX191) Pluripotent stem cell and progenitor cell research is a priority.
HTX192) Much scientific work is based on knowledge and experiments and determination.
HTX193) The proposals were met with cautious optimism from some scientists and policymakers.
HTX194) Tiny fibers save lives by stopping bleeding and aiding recovery from brain injury.
HTX195) A new silicon-based optical device improves the speed and cost and reach of fiber-optic networks.

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