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Pre-analyzed English sentences

Gymnasium English for Science and Technology
HHX Structural Grammar
Elementær Sætningsanalyse Handels- og Ingeniørhøjskolen
English Sentence Analysis Old Exam Papers
English Sentence Analysis Far from the Madding Crowd
Søren Rasmus Ravn Andersen Call of the Wild
Grammar and Written Proficiency HTX

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[Engelske sætninger til HHX-brug]

Authored by: HHX teachers of English

1) Sentences with neither adverbials nor subordinate clauses

1.a) Sentences with simple subject and simple predicator [Sætninger med subjekt og verballed (simple led)]

HHX1) The articles have been delivered.
HHX2) Considerable progress has been made.

1.b) Sentences with subject, predicator and direct object [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og direkte objekt]

HHX3) The director bought a new company car.
HHX4) Our fastest computer has developed a bug.
HHX5) Mr Brown's secretary received the message.
HHX6) The ruling will affect future right-to-die arguments.
HHX7) What has caused the delay in the dispatch of a number of our consignments?

1.c) Sentences with subject, predicator and two objects [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed, inddirekte objekt og direkte objekt]

HHX8) The manager granted his P. A. two weeks' leave.
HHX9) Have we sent them the invoice?
HHX10) The tea-lady served her colleague coffee.

1.d) Sentences with subject, predicator and subject complement [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og subjektprædikat]

HHX11) Delivery of the goods is urgent.
HHX12) Who were the receivers of the memo?
HHX13) A thorough understanding of the requirements is absolutely necessary.
HHX14) Our terms of payment are one month from date of invoice.
HHX15) People were surprised at the growing number of company closures in the clothing business.

1.e) Sentences with subject, predicator and object complement [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og objektsprædikat]

HHX16) They named the company GrammarSoft.
HHX17) Did they elect him chairman of the board?
HHX18) Fortune Magazine called the electric car one of the five most innovative products of the year.

1.f) Sentences with a formal subject [Sætninger med forløbigt subjekt]

HHX19) It is healthy to laugh.
HHX20) There are many problems with the new sales campaign.
HHX21) Has there been any trouble?
HHX22) Is it likely to rain?

2) Increasing the complexity by adding adverbials and/or subordinate clauses

2.a) Sentences with complex subject and complex predicator and some adverbials [Sætninger med subjekt og verballed (komplekse led) (+ evt. adverbialer)]

HHX23) The consignment was badly damaged.
HHX24) Oil prices fell by 20 cents a barrel.
HHX25) The cheque you sent us bounced.
HHX26) I look forward to your early reply.
HHX27) The items are sold at a price of £10 a piece.
HHX28) The goods were damaged during transport.
HHX29) We look forward to hearing from you soon.
HHX30) They succeeded in selling all the merchandise.
HHX31) We often come to see if there are any birds.
HHX32) His price for this article is not correctly calculated.
HHX33) Two of our best employees were fired this morning.
HHX34) The goods will be delayed due to a transport strike.
HHX35) Can these articles be offered at the same price?
HHX36) Production methods vary considerably from firm to firm.
HHX37) Provocative advertising may lead to growth in sales.
HHX38) The manager's secretary arrived too late for the meeting.
HHX39) In many areas of work women are still fighting for equal pay.
HHX40) In 1999 we were taken over by a large multi-national company.
HHX41) If your prices are compatible substantial orders may be expected.
HHX42) The directors are meeting today to discuss the company«s future.
HHX43) According to the plan he will be leaving for New York in two weeks.
HHX44) The company succeeded in distributing the products in due course.
HHX45) The products have been made from carefully selected raw materials.
HHX46) 80% of Australia's passenger-car market goes to local manufacturers.
HHX47) The principal market here is for mass-produced goods at rather low prices.
HHX48) Because sales did not meet expectations all five companies are now in trouble.
HHX49) The invoice for 3 PCs amounting to ZAR 25,000 was sent by the supplier's secretary yesterday.
HHX50) Due to his great effort the buyer succeded in getting hold of the latest fashions in Hong Kong.
HHX51) Publishers' efforts have been helped by a growing public willingness to pay higher prices for books
HHX52) Due to an increased demand for the product the importer did not succeed in obtaining a discount.

2.b) Sentences with subject, predicator and direct object [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og direkte objekt]

HHX53) We are building a factory in Sweden.
HHX54) We cannot increase our prices this year.
HHX55) Would you please update the prices?
HHX56) We thank you for your letter of 10 May 2002.
HHX57) Do you grant any discount on large orders?
HHX58) He preferred his own car to his neighbour's.
HHX59) We consider establishing an agency in Japan.
HHX60) We acknowledge receipt of your letter of 2 April.
HHX61) We have made a note of the content of the letter.
HHX62) The subsidiary has been producing cars since 1950.
HHX63) We have increased productivity by 10% in this factory.
HHX64) We have approximately 35 complaints every six months.
HHX65) When shopping she always spends a fortune on shoes.
HHX66) We did not receive your trial order as promised last week.
HHX67) We placed an order for £250 with them before Christmas.
HHX68) They did much good business during their trip to Germany.
HHX69) General Motors is running an aggressive marketing campaign.
HHX70) We expect the goods to arrive within 2 weeks of date of invoice.
HHX71) The Japanese adapt their products to the needs of the customers.
HHX72) We enclose our cheque of £300 drawn on the Masefield Bank Ltd.
HHX73) In April he received a 10 to 25 year prison sentence for murder.
HHX74) We shall not order the goods until we have received a quotation.
HHX75) Advertising in daily newspapers strengthened the company image.
HHX76) The employees complain that they do not get enough information.
HHX77) I would appreciate a prompt reply quoting your most competitive prices.
HHX78) We placed a substantial order for chocolate with the Danish company.
HHX79) The forwarding agent has admitted that the goods were badly damaged.
HHX80) We enclose an order for 300 of your chairs on the terms mentioned by you.
HHX81) The company did not have the product for which I placed an order last month.
HHX82) Please submit your application, which will be treated in the strictest confidence.
HHX83) We enclose our statement of account for the goods supplied to you last month.
HHX84) Owing to a fire in the factory we regret that we cannot deliver the goods ordered.
HHX85) To promote their new brand of shampoo, they are selling it at half price for a month.
HHX86) We have to accept the conditions, otherwise we will not receive the goods in time.
HHX87) I regret having to inform you that we shall be unable to deliver the goods on time.
HHX88) The brochure gives much good information about the company's range of products.
HHX89) The subsidiary of the American group located its new headquarters in Copenhagen.
HHX90) If you reply within 7 days, you will get a discount of no less than 20% exclusive of VAT.
HHX91) Clothing manufacturers have felt the effects of the recession, as people spend less on clothes.
HHX92) The fact that the copywriter did not edit his material caused our department to miss its deadline.
HHX93) Many of the big supermarkets give advantages by offering membership cards to their customers.
HHX94) We regret to inform you that an unfortunate error in our invoice of yesterday has just come to light.
HHX95) We shall, however, make inquiries concerning their financial standing before doing business with them.

2.c) Sentences with subject, predicator and two objects [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed, inddirekte objekt og direkte objekt]

HHX96) We shall tell our representative to call on you.
HHX97) The sales manager offered us a substantial discount.
HHX98) We must ask you to reconsider your terms of payment.
HHX99) He informed them that the company was going to give 20 employees the sack.
HHX100) Your representatives sent us some samples which were not up to expectations.
HHX101) I ask you to inform me whether you will be able to produce such mugs at reasonable prices.
HHX102) We can offer you a special discount of 4% on all articles supplied from stock within 2 weeks.

2.d) Sentences with subject, predicator and subject complement [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og subjektprædikat]

HHX103) Payment is due by 1st May.
HHX104) The amount was due for payment.
HHX105) We are pleased to quote the following prices.
HHX106) The samples you sent us were quite satisfactory.
HHX107) The invoice that we sent you was long overdue.
HHX108) Company policy in this part of the world is very strict.
HHX109) The country's consumers were afraid to buy anything.
HHX110) It was an accident that caused the delay in delivery.
HHX111) What you achieve is less important than how you did it.
HHX112) All these items are urgently required by our customers.
HHX113) We feel absolutely sure you will find the articles satisfactory.
HHX114) The number of stores forced to close was tremendously high.
HHX115) Seen from the shops' point of view it will be much easier to find their target group.
HHX116) The goods that are being produced at our factory in China right now are not perfect.
HHX117) The reason why their cars sold so well was that they had a brilliant marketing strategy.
HHX118) I was surprised to receive your letter of the 20th November with request for 4 weeks' respite.
HHX119) Fairplay is a non-profitmaking organization that buys goods from Indian workers at fair prices.
HHX120) What companies desire today is managers who can inspire workers to increase their productivity.
HHX121) The agent whom we got acquainted with last summer in Bangkok was not satisfied with his commission.

2.e) Sentences with subject, predicator and object complement [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og objektsprædikat]

HHX122) Why did they decide to name the club 'Bluebird'?
HHX123) Do you know that they call this funny symbol an ampersand?

2.f) Sentences with a formal subject [Sætninger med forløbigt subjekt]

HHX124) It would have been better to cancel the order.
HHX125) There are many unsolved problems at present.
HHX126) There is a market for your products in this country.
HHX127) There is much money to be made on this project.
HHX128) There is much money to be gained on Internet ventures.
HHX129) There was a surprisingly dramatic increase of layoffs in Japan.
HHX130) In our company there are many employees who work overtime.
HHX131) There are many customers who ask us about our terms of payment.
HHX132) I ask you to let me know when you expect the products to be finished.
HHX133) It is important to realise that the task is less important than the process.

2.g) Sentences with a formal object [Sætninger med forløbigt objekt]

HHX134) I take it that you understand the consequences of your actions!
HHX135) We have it on the best authority that the cost of an Internet connection will soon be cut in half.

3) Sentences with paratagms (compound units) [Sætninger med paratagmer]

HHX136) The company is known for selling products of a decent quality and at fair prices.
HHX137) The furniture is produced in a low labour-cost country but it is sold in Scandinavia.
HHX138) Our computer system provides useful information on advertising, distribution and profits.
HHX139) I see from your letter that you have not received the price list and apologize for the inconvenience.

4) Imperative sentences [Imperativsætninger]

HHX140) Please send me your latest catalogue.
HHX141) Please find enclosed our newest catalogue.
HHX142) Please inform us of your terms of payment.
HHX143) Please send us the articles ordered immediately.
HHX144) Please find enclosed our catalogue and pricelist.
HHX145) If you cannot sell to the Chinese, buy their car companies.
HHX146) If there is any further information you may require, please contact us.

5) Challenges

HHX147) The articles proved to be satisfactory.
HHX148) The office is to be redecorated this month.
HHX149) The articles proved to be packed satisfactorily.
HHX150) We have to carry out a thorough investigation concerning this matter.
HHX151) We acknowledge receipt of your mail and accept the terms mentioned.
HHX152) We are pleased to enclose copies of our latest catalogues and price lists.
HHX153) I shall have no alternative but to place the matter in the hands of our solicitors.
HHX154) They received the candy they had ordered and paid with a cheque for £1,000.
HHX155) The industrial consultant tended to indicate that certain changes might be needed.
HHX156) The company whose shares have fallen is going to have a new managing director.
HHX157) The Internet may still be in its infancy but Internet commerce is growing at a staggering rate.
HHX158) Much to our regret we have to ask if you could allow us to defer payment for a further 3 weeks.
HHX159) We would like to have a meeting with you, also to give you further information, so please contact us.
HHX160) As this model was very popular with our customers last month, we would like to know if it is still available.
HHX161) We keep the articles mentioned in stock and we will be able to deliver as soon as we receive your order.
HHX162) Referring to your letter of 1st May we are pleased to inform you that we keep the articles in question in stock.
HHX163) Sacrificing ethics for greed has become the new business mantra invading marketing and accounting firms.
HHX164) We find your terms satisfactory and now send you our order for the following items of 'Conway Spot Ware'.
HHX165) The multinational companies' presence in Asia may create improved labour conditions among the Asian workforce.
HHX166) If you are able to supply the articles in the quality and at the price we want, we may place a large order with you.
HHX167) Throughout our longstanding business relationship we have always been able to settle our accounts promptly.
HHX168) We enclose with this letter our cheque No. 123456 for £420 in settlement of your invoice No. 234567 of 1st May.
HHX169) Never mind that the NFL was about to file suit in federal court to block Jones's deal with the shoe company.
HHX170) From a manufacturer in the USA we have succeeded in obtaining a large quantity of jeans at very competitive prices.
HHX171) The consumers' ombudsman has decided to investigate the possibility of a ban of TV commercials as early as May 2002.
HHX172) They were frequently presented with an extremely unpleasant surprise at the end of the first month, hence the name 'bill shock'.
HHX173) Neither the producers nor the marketers were aware that the tax regulations would hamper the introduction of the novelty.
HHX174) This was decided at a recent meeting and we examined the possibilities of establishing such a centre in the firm's immediate vicinity.
HHX175) Would you please send us two dozen of your men's shirts No. 234, colour No. 5, as soon as possible and not later than 1st May.
HHX176) Please let us have details of your sailing and freight charges, and we can promise you regular shipments if you quote a competitive rate.
HHX177) Thank you for your letter of 1st May in which you inform us about the latest development on the European computer market.
HHX178) I refer to our telephone conversation of 23 September regarding our proposed visit to the Dutch Ministry of Health on Monday 19 October.
HHX179) We can accept the terms of payment and delivery mentioned in your above quotation and hope to receive the goods within two weeks.
HHX180) Because we have never operated in these countries before, it is very necessary that our current employees will be educated further.
HHX181) Addressing head teachers and other educationists at Downing Street, Mr Blair said the challenge was to bring about 'a step change' in schools.
HHX182) In June, a two-year drought brought Lake Okeechobee, the primary backup water supply for the Everglades, to its lowest level in 70 years.
HHX183) Companies seek to mine massive amounts of information about consumers by tracking their purchases through their credit card use on the Internet.
HHX184) Nike's headquarters in Portland Oregon looks so much like a prosperous university that it is known to everyone who works there as 'the campus'.
HHX185) On the back page you will find a straightforward order form, which can be sent to us by post or fax, or you can order by telephone or via the Internet.
HHX186) Downing Street has rejected a claim from Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith that Prime Minister Tony Blair exploits his children for political means.
HHX187) Unfortunately, the consignment that was expected by 1st May was delayed in Liverpool as a consequence of a strike among the railway workers.
HHX188) Even though the company apparently does not consider entering new markets in the near future, we are sure that the expansion has been carefully prepared.
HHX189) However much high-street retailers try to play down the impact of the Internet on their trade, the evidence is that long term shopping on the Web will be immense.
HHX190) On several occasions we have noted your stand at the fair 'Sports in the 90s' in the Netherlands and we have become particularly interested in your jogging suits.
HHX191) Almost a year and a half ago you made a speech to the US National Press Club announcing a series of measures to improve conditions in your supplier's factories.
HHX192) Having dealt with you for some time, we were disappointed in having received neither your remittance nor any explanation as to why the balance has not been cleared.
HHX193) We are enclosing a list of these books, and we would be pleased to hear if you would be able to inform us of the names of the companies that have published these books.
HHX194) The association's medical ethics committee has published a discussion paper on the issue, and, as part of that discussion, examines the related 'contentious moral questions'.
HHX195) Rapidly expanding Internet companies seek a dominant position on the net through heavy investment of capital in advertising but many have failed to find ways to make a profit.
HHX196) Can one seriously believe that, if it constituted an effective instrument for fighting murderous crimes, the leaders of Europe's great states would not have reinstated it long ago?
HHX197) We were interested to read in last month's issue of 'The Carpenter' that you have developed a series of bright furniture which we think would be ideal for use in our office displays.
HHX198) We have recently carried out a market survey in Australia and cupboards made from natural light wood and sofas and armchairs in bright colours have proved to be particularly popular.
HHX199) I think that e-commerce and all other areas where children are spending or having direct or indirect influence on the spending will be exploited within a few years if we do not interact.
HHX200) Instead of hiring new staff, we would prefer to use our present staff, as we are very much satisfied with their performance and wish to preserve the exceptionally good working conditions.
HHX201) American graduate business schools are failing to capture the interest of many students due to the competition from venture capitalist backed enterprises competing for talented people.
HHX202) In addition to paying Nike's legal fees, Sega also agreed to donate $100,000 in Nike's name to the Boys & Girls clubs of Portland, Ore. and Memphis,Tenn., with each chapter to receive $50,000.
HHX203) I believe that it is a bad idea for the shops to treat favour certain customers, because the best thing for all markets is that all consumers can get the same treatment and service no matter what and how much they buy.
HHX204) 'What you see in high-immigration cities is that they come in and undercut jobs that natives have always worked in,' says David Ray, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, based in Washington D.C.
HHX205) The settlement brings to a close litigation that Nike filed in February 2002 which asserted that a television ad for Sega's 'NBA 2K2' video game was a virtual scene-by-scene reenactment of Nike's 'Frozen Moment' as of 1996.
HHX206) Twenty Mexican lawmakers met with their U.S. counterparts Saturday for the second day of a two-day meeting in the central city of Guanajuato to talk about bilateral issues, many of which were shelved after the September 11 terrorist attacks.
HHX207) According to a report in 1998 by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, children of separated families are twice as likely to have behavioural problems, perform less well in school, become sexually active at a younger age, suffer depression and turn to drugs, smoking and heavy drinking.
HHX208) After two years of unbroken gloom, when the value of assets dived, when people lost their jobs by the tens of thousands and when much of the rest of Asia seemed to be leaving Hong Kong behind, along came the Magic Kingdom with a deal that had 'feelgood' stamped all over every page.
HHX209) Soon we cleared the harbor proper and headed out into Oresund, with the low-lying Swedish coast a pale-blue line on the eastern horizon, and then AP began to talk about the saltwater crossroads and trading center that, 800 years ago, gave the Danish capital its name, Kobenhavn, or Merchants' Harbor.

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