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Pre-analyzed English sentences

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English Sentence Analysis Far from the Madding Crowd
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[English sentences for use in Danish secondary schools]

Authored by: Poul Tornøe and Ole Juul Lund

SECTION 1: Sentences with simple subject and simple predicator (and some adverbials) [Sætninger med subjekt og verballed (simple led) (+ evt. adverbialer)]

GYM1) He resigned.
GYM2) I overslept.
GYM3) Time flies.
GYM4) Anything goes.
GYM5) Basil winces.
GYM6) We lost!
GYM7) They live here.
GYM8) I was here first.
GYM9) He glanced at his watch.
GYM10) John died in 1980.
GYM11) He turned towards the door.
GYM12) Greta smiled uneasily.
GYM13) How dare you!
GYM14) She came in through the bathroom window.
GYM15) I woke up at the first glimmer of dawn.
GYM16) She looked up and smiled.
GYM17) Etienne gazed at the map for five minutes.

SECTION 2: Sentences with complex subject and complex predicator (with some adverbials) [Sætninger med subjekt og verballed (komplekse led) (+ evt. adverbialer)]

GYM18) It doesn't move.
GYM19) The boss will call tomorrow.
GYM20) An Australian won for the first time.
GYM21) The rug has been pulled from under his feet.
GYM22) You'll never win.
GYM23) He had been fishing in Sutherland.
GYM24) Not a single bird sings in the dry, hollow trees.
GYM25) The Torbay Flower Festival runs from August 23 to 26 on Paignton Green.
GYM26) Is Richard coming tonight?

SECTION 3: Sentences with subject, predicator, and direct object [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og direkte objekt]

GYM27) She broke her wrist.
GYM28) I'll see you.
GYM29) I like your outfit.
GYM30) I did believe him!
GYM31) Don't you just love New York?
GYM32) Darcy holed the putt of his life.
GYM33) She kissed me and shook my hand.
GYM34) We have a spare room and a study.
GYM35) He had caught some salmon and sea-trout.
GYM36) Tories soften line on gay partnerships.
GYM37) Worst storm in a decade devastates north.
GYM38) The police had once again handcuffed Smith.
GYM39) The kids made lots of friends in the mini-club.
GYM40) Where do they buy it?
GYM41) Who killed Cock Robin?
GYM42) Through the opened curtain Carolyn saw the dawn dimness.
GYM43) However, the facts of the mystery tell a very different story.
GYM44) What do ice-cream sellers do in the winter?
GYM45) Ah well, one does one's best.
GYM46) He has singlehandedly driven a number of players away from the club.

SECTION 4: Sentences with subject, predicator, and two objects [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed, indirekte objekt og direkte objekt]

GYM47) He gave me the book.
GYM48) My ex sent me two letters last week.
GYM49) They will buy you a drink or two.
GYM50) They offered the young boy a new job.
GYM51) He told me his name.
GYM52) I gave it him.
GYM53) Her little sister dealt Tom a severe blow.
GYM54) Basil brings Mrs. Peigoir her coffee.
GYM55) She gave me a small box of chocolates with a thank-you card.
GYM56) Stephen has told me the name of the submarine captain.
GYM57) At that particular time I wouldn't tell them anything.
GYM58) Melissa offered him sisterly advice on the subject of girls.
GYM59) Can you cash me a small cheque?
GYM60) Why don't you give me a hand with the rest of the work?
GYM61) Walters has sent him a box of paints and a sketchbook.

SECTION 5: Sentences with subject, object, and subject complement [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og subjektsprædikat]

GYM62) My name is Bond.
GYM63) It was exhausting work.
GYM64) I'm the king of the castle.
GYM65) Allan looks bewildered.
GYM66) I'm so sorry.
GYM67) I am not a crook!
GYM68) That is just such a load of crap!
GYM69) All this sounds very ominous indeed.
GYM70) His assistant was unemployed for 4 weeks.
GYM71) That song was clearly a great hit.
GYM72) Your boyfriend doesn't look very healthy to me.
GYM73) His attitude seems a little strange.
GYM74) This is a hotel, not a Borstal!
GYM75) What is the meaning of life?
GYM76) Ignorance on the part of the general public is excusable.
GYM77) The London Underground is still the world's longest subway.

SECTION 6: Sentences with subject, predicator, and object complement [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og objektsprædikat]

GYM78) We painted the door yellow.
GYM79) Peter considered Michael his closest friend.
GYM80) I wouldn't call it a dream.
GYM81) I now declare this Annual General Meeting open.
GYM82) His fellow doctors elected him president of the Medical Association.
GYM83) The thought made her angry.
GYM84) Did you call me a liar?
GYM85) Time has proved them wrong.
GYM86) All the telephone calls make my days so hectic.
GYM87) Chill winds swept the air clean and freshened the skin.
GYM88) Your hospitality has made my stay such a great pleasure.
GYM89) Most Venezuelans already consider him guilty.
GYM90) Just two weeks later Mr Rowland declared the company bankrupt.
GYM91) Lydia had branded herself victim, prey, alien and afraid.

SECTION 7: Sentences with different types of adverbials [Sætninger med forskellige typer adverbialer]

GYM92) She came over to him.
GYM93) Forty years on, much has changed.
GYM94) In a country like Britain, airport location is a great problem.
GYM95) The Presidential campaign finishes in the beginning of November.
GYM96) Anger bubbled up inside her like a geyser.
GYM97) Surprisingly, most of them were on his own porch.
GYM98) Sometimes the German fighters followed the bombers back to their bases.
GYM99) The third volume in his London trilogy sells better than his other books.
GYM100) We have to advance faster and faster towards new thinking.
GYM101) Last Monday night, in a mood of deep depression, I was sitting by an open window in my flat in Chelsea.
GYM102) However, she put such thoughts aside for the moment and concentrated on the task in hand.
GYM103) Unfortunately, because of the darkness, it was too difficult.

SECTION 8: Imperative sentences [Imperativsætninger]

GYM104) Go away!
GYM105) Wake up!
GYM106) Don't get me wrong.
GYM107) Don't be a victim!
GYM108) Help yourself.
GYM109) Give me a ring.
GYM110) Just say no!
GYM111) Go ahead, make my day!
GYM112) Never say never again.
GYM113) Get a life!
GYM114) Keep off the grass.
GYM115) You lay off my father!
GYM116) Deck the halls with boughs of holly.

SECTION 9: Sentences with finite object clauses [Sætninger med objekter realiseret af finitte ledsætninger]

GYM117) The police believe that the gunman was a professional.
GYM118) I wonder what keeps them.
GYM119) I told her how I felt towards Marcus.
GYM120) I wonder where she is.
GYM121) We all know that he is a god.
GYM122) Fenn had learned earlier that the owner had died some years before.
GYM123) Ed tells him what is missing.
GYM124) Many candidates don't recognize what the question is driving at.
GYM125) Richard and I thought you had settled so nicely.
GYM126) Do you really believe that a girl like this could possibly be interested in an ageing brilliantined insect like you?
GYM127) I knew Billy and his friends drank beer on weekends.
GYM128) I believe that you have got hold of something.
GYM129) You can imagine how mad I was when I found out that it was Shakespeare.
GYM130) One of two women in the car asked if they could help me.
GYM131) You know what will happen to you if you carry on like that.

SECTION 10: Sentences with adverbial clauses [Sætninger med adverbialer i form af ledsætninger]

GYM132) Liza ordered the food before I had a chance.
GYM133) While I walked I looked out for pretty shells.
GYM134) If I don't win, I'll hate myself for it.
GYM135) When the kettle boiled, she made two cups of instant coffee.
GYM136) George was actually humming while he worked.
GYM137) Even Tippy was amazed when she heard it.
GYM138) I often have sausage and bacon because it's easier and my time is somewhat limited.
GYM139) If Robin Hood lived, it was in the 12th or early 13th century.
GYM140) You will sleep better if you get a new mattress.
GYM141) While those in work prospered, unemployment was high.
GYM142) Some people use a relaxation technique before they get in their cars.
GYM143) He is on bail while the presentence reports are prepared.
GYM144) Although his cold manner made it difficult for me, I had to ask him.
GYM145) His family only stayed at the house for certain months of the year because they preferred sunnier climes in the winter months.

SECTION 11: Sentences with relative clauses [Sætninger med relativsætninger]

GYM146) The young woman who arrived today talks about her sick baby all the time.
GYM147) God helps those that help themselves.
GYM148) Others who have crossed him consider him vindictive.
GYM149) The couple, who were arrested on Monday night in a raid on a bungalow in west London, will both appear in court today.
GYM150) Heroes are usually frightened men who rise to the occasion.
GYM151) I cannot even remember the names of all the men I have slept with.
GYM152) He was just a reckless fool whose luck would one day run out.
GYM153) Some important men in the district owned hundreds of animals which were spread over several villages.
GYM154) In the end the building in which we were hiding was also hit.
GYM155) All the women I know who have worn make-up all their lives have good skins.
GYM156) Did she ever spend the money which I gave to her?
GYM157) Young women who insist they will only date young male virgins receive a lot of attention.

SECTION 12: Sentences with a formal subject [Sætninger med foreløbigt subjekt]

GYM158) It was a very dark, stormy night.
GYM159) It is most important that the paper is well dried.
GYM160) It is up to the owner whether she will show the ring.
GYM161) It was bad enough that they had been drenched.
GYM162) There is a house in New Orleans.
GYM163) There are places I remember.
GYM164) There was never any problem.
GYM165) There were no unexpected occurrences during the operation.
GYM166) It was clear that the house hadn't changed much since their last visit.
GYM167) There is more in Heaven and Earth than you think.
GYM168) Is there something you want?
GYM169) There is, nevertheless, still a great deal of heat in the Loch Ness controversy.
GYM170) There are many individual Beatles songs from other albums which I'd want on my desert island.
GYM171) Already there have been a number of reports of developments of this kind.

SECTION 13: Cleft sentences [Spaltesætninger]

GYM172) It was the butler who did it.
GYM173) It is the poor quality of your work that worries me.
GYM174) It was Nixon that had resigned.
GYM175) It was during this time that James took up tennis again.
GYM176) It was Doncaster's defeat at Torquay that kept Hartlepool at the bottom.
GYM177) It was Cumberland who dictated the time of the coming battle.
GYM178) It is in this way that the marks have been removed.
GYM179) It was my headmaster who suggested I used both names.
GYM180) It was their behaviour that was nasty.

SECTION 14: Sentences in the passive voice [Passive sætninger]

GYM181) Bush was elected President.
GYM182) The veil is lifted.
GYM183) The island was hit by a hurricane.
GYM184) Smith had once again been handcuffed.
GYM185) Shakespeare was chosen 'Man of the Millennium'.
GYM186) They would be told nothing.
GYM187) Fitness checks will be made on all candidates.
GYM188) Trespassers will be prosecuted.
GYM189) The plan was launched by the company last month.
GYM190) She is survived by her daughter from her first marriage.
GYM191) Babies are born with an innate talent for looking at faces.
GYM192) It is said that seeing is believing.
GYM193) When I wake up I know that I will be greeted with an insult.
GYM194) A sighting of some significance was made on the 4th of April 1947.
GYM195) In some cases children have been indecently assaulted at school by parent helpers.

SECTION 15: Sentences with infinitive clauses [Sætninger med infinitivsætninger]

GYM196) The convent wanted to sell part of the grounds.
GYM197) To trace the DNA of the black cab is to explore the eccentric pathways of British social and industrial history.
GYM198) Do you want to know a secret?
GYM199) I didn't watch him die because I thought it would be disrespectful.
GYM200) They asked the court to conduct a site survey at Maya Bay.
GYM201) We saw them lose 1-0.
GYM202) I would prefer not to know what happens after this.
GYM203) We do not require historians to be prophets.

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