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Pre-analyzed English sentences

Gymnasium English for Science and Technology
HHX Structural Grammar
Elementær Sætningsanalyse Handels- og Ingeniørhøjskolen
English Sentence Analysis Old Exam Papers
English Sentence Analysis Far from the Madding Crowd
Søren Rasmus Ravn Andersen Call of the Wild
Grammar and Written Proficiency HTX

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In the box above, you can type in either a whole sentence from the pre-analyzed set, or a unique string from the sentence, or the relevant identifying code found at the left of each sentence. Alternatively, you can click on the icon to the left of each sentence, if there is one.


Sentences from Handels- og Ingeniørhøjskolen i Herning


These sentences have been supplied by Ib Brinck-Jensen and Mette Fuglsang.


   HIH1) Finding somewhere to stay can be your biggest problem at the festival.

   HIH2) After starting senior school she discovered that she had an aptitude for science.

   HIH3) Peter had to face his parents that evening with a totally unconvincing story about what had happened.

   HIH4) When you prepare a training video, you should organise things so that recording and playback sessions are on different days.

   HIH5) It is a condition of my contract with the university that I spend half the summer vacation doing research.

   HIH6) Because of fears that the language might disappear completely, Welsh language study has become compulsory in Welsh schools.

   HIH7) It is difficult for at professionel woman to become highly successful if she must divide her energies between duties at home and those at work.

   HIH8) If the police do not inform the criminal suspect of his or her rights, any evidence gained from questioning cannot be used in court.

   HIH9) The discrimination against blacks which prohibited black children from attending white schools was finally declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1954.

   HIH10) George Mitchell, who brokered last week's momentous deal among Northern Ireland's political parties, warned last Sunday that extremists will engage in a campaign of violence in an attempt to scupper the agreement.

   HIH11) So it grieves me that Herr Krauss's slap of my son the other day has an uncomfortable resonance for me, seeing as it is also the first time in my son's entire life that anyone has physically struck him.

   HIH12) My writely instincts also tell me that, had more people throughout history spoken that truth, many of history's tragedies might have been avoided.

   HIH13) "How do I know what I feel", said the writer E.M.Forster, "until I've seen what I said?"

   HIH14) And here in the form of my own reluctantly participating person, I once again see the burdens the Germans - even utterly innocent Germans - are up against.

   HIH15) I have said, on more than one occasion, that I find being anti-German to be a sin as grievous as being anti-Semitic - or anti-any other ethnicity system.

   HIH16) Taxing Tourists may be one way to repair the environmental damage they cause.

   HIH17A) Swimming farther out, I spotted a large brown rock on the seabed.

   HIH17B) Diving reveals it to be a boat's rust-incrusted motor.

   HIH17C) Surfacing, I felt something slap across the glass of the mask.

   HIH17D) Spluttering with fright and treading water, the swimmer peels away a large piece of clear plastic.

   HIH17E) Drying on the beach, she felt that paradise continued to pall.

   HIH18) Robyn realized that though clothes serve the very practical purpose of covering our bodies, they also show us who we are, what we are doing and how we feel.

   HIH19) Anna withdrew altogether behind her usual defences, and she sometimes made a worsening of her symptoms a feeble excuse for not coming to me.

   HIH20) Unless something dreadful has happened, the crowds will see the last yellow jersey pulled down on the shoulders of Miguel Indurain, as it has been for the past two years.

   HIH21) The Mohana civilisation has survived for 5,000 years, but there are many observers who predict that it will not last another 20.

   HIH22) Established as a computer distributor in 1980, at the beginning of the personal computer revolution, Rainbow computer built up the first dealership-network for personal computers in Greece.

   HIH23) The company embodies the spirit which has given Apple its fiercely loyal users.

   HIH24) Although Oregon is a reasonably prosperous state, 16% of its 2.8 m residents lacked any health coverage before the plan took effect.

   HIH25) Anything that gives the English a reason to meditate on the state of their schools should be welcomed.

   HIH26) It is certain that by this stage of his history Herr Schindler approached tonight's dinner at Commandant Goeth's more with loathing than with anticipation.

   HIH27) To use texture and devices of a novel to tell a true story is a course which has frequently been followed in modern writing.

   HIH28) Fitness freaks who feel they have found the answer earnestly try to convert everyone to their new religion.

   HIH29) Though they have talked about an economic agreement with Croatia, the Krajina Serb leaders still insist that they will never submit to Croatian rule.

   HIH30) If his children grew into good citizens with a deep concern for other people, he would consider his life worthwhile.

   HIH31) There had been a flooding in Texarkana, and the scouts were planning to camp near the disaster area for three days and help with relief work.

   HIH32) He also knew it would make cost-conscious retailers even more prickly.

   HIH33) Total sales of private-label goods, which shot up in the US in the early Nineties, have plateaued, suggesting they are still, in the US anyway, very much a cyclical phenomenon.

   HIH34) The waiter returned bearing cold meats, cheeses and a basket of fresh rolls, and I began to eat hurriedly, pouring the strong coffee into my cup a little at a time.

   HIH35) I can see it doesn't have nearly the same effect when people look at me.

   HIH36) According to the rumour mill in Beijing, Zhu Rongji, an economic reformer, is likely to become China's next prime minister, replacing Li Peng, who is meant to stand down after ten years in office.

   HIH37) The inter-governmental conference opening this week provides a useful way of making the European Union more democratic, flexible and open to newcomers.

   HIH38) Australian voters angry about their economy cast out Labour and bring in a conservative coalition.

   HIH39) Perhaps the real problem is the colour Berlin's conservative-led government has chosen for the stripe.

   HIH40) That might prove difficult, even though the cabinet was given another chance by Parliament last week.

   HIH41) He says studies showing such a link have been based on unreliable data.

   HIH42) The disclosure has shut animal welfare activists who assumed all her products were free-range.

   HIH43) Their films, however, are a hit, writes Sheila Johnston.

   HIH44) He ceded the skies to Nato, letting the bombs and missiles rain down while barely activating his air defences.

   HIH45) The child who arrives at school with a good attitude towards education is more likely to reach his or her potential during formal schooling.

   HIH46) What I find galling is the fact that other people with less experience than me are being paid bigger salaries.


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