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Pre-analyzed English sentences

Gymnasium English for Science and Technology
HHX Structural Grammar
Elementær Sætningsanalyse Handels- og Ingeniørhøjskolen
English Sentence Analysis Old Exam Papers
English Sentence Analysis Far from the Madding Crowd
Søren Rasmus Ravn Andersen Call of the Wild
Grammar and Written Proficiency HTX

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SECTION 1: Sentences with simple subject and simple predicator [Sætninger med subjekt og verballed (simple led)]

FS1) Henry sang.
FS2) Dogs bark.
FS3) Lions roar.
FS4) Cars honk.
FS5) Simon laughed.
FS6) Birds fly.
FS7) Tina smiles.
FS8) Mice run.
FS9) Mary cried.
FS10) Leaves fall.
FS11) Waterfalls splash.
FS12) Time flies.
FS13) Telephones ring.

SECTION 2: Sentences with subject, predicator and adverbials [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og adverbialer]

FS14) Here I come.
FS15) I always win.
FS16) You lose again.
FS17) She sang badly.
FS18) Cougars eat fast.
FS19) Finally, she came.
FS20) James_Bond drives fast.
FS21) Unfortunately , he resigned.
FS22) Suddenly, Poul fainted.
FS23) Elephants dance beautifully.
FS24) Sea_turtles swim together.
FS25) They shouted happily.
FS26) Suddenly, Melinda ran.

SECTION 3: Sentences with subject, predicator and direct object [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og direkte objekt]

FS27) I love you.
FS28) I write poems.
FS29) We fear spiders.
FS30) I like lasagne.
FS31) Ships need fuel.
FS32) Bakers sell bread.
FS33) She buys flowers.
FS34) We want ice_cream
FS35) Bank_robbers steal money.
FS36) James saves amimals.
FS37) Doctors help people.
FS38) Scientists explore things.
FS39) He renovates cars.
FS40) Pilots fly airplanes.
FS41) Emma reads books.
FS42) We play basketball.
FS43) Ben repairs televisions.
FS44) She sings songs.
FS45) Charlie phoned her.
FS46) I love roller_coasters.
FS47) Evelyn made dinner.
FS48) He sold french_fries.

SECTION 4: Sentences with subject, predicator and direct object (groups) [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og direkte objekt (introduktion af grupper)]

FS49) The cat ate fish.
FS50) I have a sister.
FS51) She baked a cake.
FS52) We sold our house.
FS53) Peter saw a spider.
FS54) They won the match.
FS55) Sarah had lost her ring.
FS56) He wrote a letter.
FS57) The lion ate its keeper.
FS58) He cleaned his room.
FS59) He broke his leg.
FS60) I have five friends.
FS61) My father has a Ford.
FS62) Bob drives a truck.
FS63) Our sister plays hockey.
FS64) The Disney_Channel has online games.
FS65) Hans_Christian_Andersen wrote magical fairy_tales.

SECTION 5: Sentences with subject, predicator, direct object and some adverbials [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed, direkte objekt (+ evt. adverbialer)]

FS66) Ann told a funny story.
FS67) In China they eat dogs.
FS68) My house has a flat roof.
FS69) Last week Liz caught a cold.
FS70) Julie hurried home after school.
FS71) They saw a good movie last night.
FS72) Henry bought a FIFA football yesterday.
FS73) Tomorrow we have four lessons.
FS74) The family bought a new dog.
FS75) We have the best classroom ever.
FS76) Paula drank a glass of juice.
FS77) We play Nintendo_Wii every afternoon.
FS78) The rabbit ate some large carrots.
FS79) I baked a chocolate cake last week.
FS80) I will invent the next great computer_program.
FS81) He saw the brightest shooting_star last night.
FS82) She had found a yellow bag in the woods.
FS83) In 10 years, I will buy a five-star hotel in Miami.
FS84) They found the pirate tressure on the bottom of the sea.

SECTION 6: Sentences with subject, predicator and two objects [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed, inddirekte objekt og direkte objekt]

FS85) He gave her a rose.
FS86) She told him a lie.
FS87) I will sell you my PS2.
FS88) Paul told Sarah a secret.
FS89) They offered me a new job.
FS90) James sent her flowers yesterday.
FS91) John's father gave him an icecream.
FS92) The manager offered me a free hamburger.
FS93) Our coach told Sarah the truth.
FS94) I will write you a letter every Monday.
FS95) The waiter served us hamburgers.
FS96) Andrew taught his dog a new trick.
FS97) Emily gave her mother a necklace.
FS98) The boy sent his girlfriend a card.
FS99) Will you buy me a ticket?
FS100) His mother will buy him a bike.
FS101) Jack wrote Evelyn a long letter.
FS102) The band gave us autographs.
FS103) The waiter served me a coke.
FS104) The pilot gave me a trip in his plane.
FS105) Tom bought Mary tickets to a concert.
FS106) He offered me a record deal.
FS107) The baker sold her a beautiful wedding cake.
FS108) The teacher gave the students a history book.

SECTION 7: Sentences with subject, predicator and subject complement [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og subjektsprædikat]

FS109) You seem different.
FS110) Strawberries taste sweet.
FS111) She is a pretty girl.
FS112) The school was big.
FS113) Superman is a hero.
FS114) The town looks old.
FS115) He seems confused.
FS116) The cityhall is fantastic.
FS117) Sarah is my friend.
FS118) John_Wayne was a cowboy.
FS119) Pluto is no longer a planet.
FS120) The princess looked sleepy.
FS121) She seemed fine yesterday.
FS122) He is the best player ever.
FS123) In my dream I was a cat.
FS124) Shrek1 was a great movie.
FS125) I am the king of the world.
FS126) My favorite icecream is the largest one.

SECTION 8: Sentences with subject, predicator and different types of adverbials [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed og forskellige typer adverbialer]

FS127) Last year, we won the cup.
FS128) He was hiding behind a tree.
FS129) The train leaves at ten o'clock.
FS130) In June we go on summer break.
FS131) Tomorrow Lucas is going to Spain.
FS132) The police will catch him very soon.
FS133) Shall we take a walk through the park?
FS134) In Denmark flowers bloom during spring.
FS135) What are you doing next Wednesday?
FS136) In Florida you can swim with dolphins.
FS137) They stood in_front_of the house.
FS138) Every Saturday I eat dinner at Denny's.
FS139) Tina saw a pirate in Universal_Studios.
FS140) They have huge hamburgers in the USA.
FS142) You can find any information on the Internet.
FS143) Next month my mother will buy me a new bike.
FS144) On the plane we can see all the new movies.
FS145) In England the national dish is fish and chips.
FS146) Next year James will be a superstar in Australia.
FS147) My family is going to the grand pyramids in Egypt.
FS148) During the summer of 2008 the Olympics will be in Beijing.

SECTION 9: Sentences in the passive voice [Passive sætninger]

FS149) He was given an award.
FS150) We were offered candy.
FS151) Michael is getting a haircut.
FS152) The tower is being renovated.
FS153) The proposal has been rejected.
FS154) She was asked to quiet down.
FS155) The girl was given a second chance.
FS156) The class was given a _lot_of homework.
FS157) The new teacher had been hired yesterday
FS158) The fruit will be delievered on Friday.
FS159) He has been called the next great moviestar.
FS160) Spiderman had recieved the key to the city.
FS161) The students have been prepared for the future.
FS162) My class was nominated for "the best class of the year".

SECTION 10: Sentences with complex subject and complex predicator (and some adverbials) [Sætninger med subjekt og verballed (komplekse led) (+evt. adverbialer)]

FS163) The little girl was crying.
FS164) You should have said no!
FS165) Harry Potter had won again.
FS166) The old teacher has been ill.
FS167) My old aunt will be going to Russia.
FS168) Have you been waiting for me?
FS169) My father has always played golf.
FS170) The little black pony was riding very fast.
FS171) The small blue books are not for sale.
FS172) The whole family went for a walk.
FS173) Her big beautiful blue eyes are gorgeous.
FS174) My lovely wife will be at the airport.
FS175) All the teenagers will be playing music on Sunday.
FS176) My 3-year-old niece was playing in the park.
FS177) The children from France had waited for an hour.
FS178) The white wedding dress had been covered with dirt.
FS179) Little Red Riding Hood was lost in the woods.
FS180) Our antique square dinner_table will be for sale soon.
FS181) Their newly employed manager will change the entire restaurant.
FS182) The cold delicious soda had been sold in a matter of minutes.

SECTION 11: Sentences with subject, predicator and two objects (a challange) [Sætninger med subjekt, verballed, inddirekte objekt og direkte objekt (en udfordring)]

FS183) We wrote our sweet old grandparents an easter letter.
FS184) Little shy Maria told her mother an exciting story.
FS185) Our fantastic mother bought us a big delicius pudding.
FS186) Jack gave his lovely mother some small jars of jam.
FS187) The rebellious teenager sold hairy Jimmy his guitar.
FS188) My skater boyfriend sent my best friend a dozen red roses.
FS189) The loving father sold the angry old man his train collection.
FS190) He gave the big bad bully a taste of his own medicine.
FS191) All the small children sent their penpals in Canada a picture.
FS192) All the nice students sold their parents chocolate chip cookies.
FS193) The newly employed doctor gave the fair-haired lady a flu shot.
FS194) Unfortunately, Crissy could not teach her tiny, brown dog the tricks.
FS195) The bad criminal sold the unsuspecting woman a_lot_of stolen goods.
FS196) The nice uncle gave all the small cousins a trip to Walt Disney in Florida.
FS197) The handsome millionaire offered the big brown-eyed girl a cleaning job.
FS198) The very modern fashion designer offered the upcoming designer a marvelous job.

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