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Pre-analyzed English sentences

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In the box above, you can type in either a whole sentence from the pre-analyzed set, or a unique string from the sentence, or the relevant identifying code found at the left of each sentence. Alternatively, you can click on the icon to the left of each sentence, if there is one.



The following sentences are taken from

Structural Grammar: A Practical Approach to English Grammar and Sentence Analysis

by Henrik Kasch, Keld Hvam and Torsten Kasch (© Copyright 1995, Det Schønbergske Forlag).

The sentences were selected by Torsten Kasch and Keld Hvam for use at the International Business Academy (IBA) in Kolding.


   IBA1) He is the captain of the ship.

   IBA2) Some day my prince will come.

   IBA3) There was little whisky left in the bottle.

   IBA4) I want the car over there, he said.

   IBA5) The car which crashed into me belonged to Paul.

   IBA6) We have travelled the whole country from north to south.

   IBA7) The criminal was sent to prison.

   IBA8) The breakfast this morning was awful.

   IBA9) He put his hand in his pocket.

   IBA10) The policeman seized him by the arm.

   IBA11) This street is most trafficked in the morning.

   IBA12) There are various means of transport.

   IBA13) There are many people present.

   IBA14) The company, which sells its products abroad, is highly profitable.

   IBA15) The company, who sell their products abroad, are looking for a new president.

   IBA16) The house changed owners several times.

   IBA17) My mother and father's friend was not very welcome.

   IBA18) He went to the baker's for rolls.

   IBA19) There are many grades of coffee.

   IBA20) I did not like the coffee they served there.

   IBA21) It is a very important item of information.

   IBA22) Two pieces of furniture were sold at the auction.

   IBA23) Much furniture was sold at the auction.

   IBA24) She is the best car I have ever had.

   IBA25) It was on that memorable evening when Denmark won the European Football Championship.

   IBA26) There is a tree in the garden.

   IBA27) There are two trees in the garden.

   IBA28) It is not your bicycle, it is mine.

   IBA29) That old car of his seems to run forever.

   IBA30) He is from the same town as myself.

   IBA31) You should avail yourself of this English grammar.

   IBA32) These men are unknown to me.

   IBA33) The car I like best is a Volvo.

   IBA34) This car, which is ten years old, was owned by the Pope.

   IBA35) He drove a car the colour of which was green.

   IBA36) He is a heavy smoker, which is bad; but what is worse, he is also a heavy drinker.

   IBA37) I have never experienced such terrible weather before.

   IBA38) To whom did he speak?

   IBA39) With whose wife have you been flirting?

   IBA40) Which of those present is responsible for this mess?

   IBA41) Somebody is here, aren't they?

   IBA42) They were afraid of looking at one another.

   IBA43) He painted the car red.

   IBA44) There are many excellent business schools in Denmark.

   IBA45) His presence made me afraid.

   IBA46) The train departing is from Waterloo Station.

   IBA47) The car appeared multi-coloured now.

   IBA48) He has five cars, three old-fashioned ones and two modern ones.

   IBA49) He always mixed the useful with the agreeable.

   IBA50) He nearly crushed his car in the accident.

   IBA51) Surprisingly, she came to the appointment on time.

   IBA52) When he came home, she was having a party.

   IBA53) Having worked all day, he was very tired.

   IBA54) It was a very amusing and interesting lecture.

   IBA55) He was much surprised by my unexpected appearance in the bedroom.

   IBA56) He was extremely cautious.

   IBA57) He moved extremely cautiously.

   IBA58) They slept peacefully in their beds yesterday.

   IBA59) As a man of honour, Smith was well respected.

   IBA60) The financial losses were so great as to be incomprehensible to an outsider.

   IBA61) He is intelligent like his father.

   IBA62) He is intelligent as his father is.

   IBA63) Walking down the street, they discussed the problem.

   IBA64) He raises his arm.

   IBA65) The sun rises in the east.

   IBA66) He was happy

   IBA67) They painted it red.

   IBA68) He remained a cheerful bachelor all his life.

   IBA69) He was working hard.

   IBA70) He came across an old essay by D.H.Lawrence.

   IBA71) I look forward to seeing you.

   IBA72) Two plus two makes two.

   IBA73) As soon as they ring the bell, we shall phone the police.

   IBA74) The student is looking out of the window instead of listening to what the lecturer says.

   IBA75) When he arrived at the station, the train was pulling in.

   IBA76) She has studied at the IBA for two years now.

   IBA77) She has been studying at the IBA for two years now.

   IBA78) He had been travelling all over the world before settling down in Reading, Pennsylvania.

   IBA79) By Christmas the dockers will have been striking for one month.

   IBA80) He is to dine with the Queen on Thursday.

   IBA81) Problems will be encountered when meeting the natives.

   IBA82) The island can only be reached by airplane.

   IBA83) The investigator concluded that the robber must have entered through the open window.

   IBA84) That will be your mother on the phone.

   IBA85) Should the car break down, I shall call the road service.

   IBA86) Did they do their homework carefully?

   IBA87) He said not a single word of sense, but several without.

   IBA88) Not a single word did he utter.

   IBA89) He did not utter a single word.

   IBA90) How many people came last night?

   IBA91) She appreciated hearing from him.

   IBA92) He likes spending his time in the wild forest.

   IBA93) He would like to see the new film.

   IBA94) He would prefer them to have a drink now.

   IBA95) I prefer there to be no trouble.

   IBA96) We listened to him locking all the doors.

   IBA97) He woke up to find himself in hospital.

   IBA98) They did not know whether to leave now or stay.

   IBA99) Building the house took a long time.

   IBA100) He entered the room talking to his friend.

   IBA101) Talking to his friend, he entered the room.

   IBA102) Because she was opening the ball, I had to stay in the background.

   IBA103) My wife's talking on the phone drives me mad.

   IBA104) The case was settled by his paying the claim in full.

   IBA105) Writing books is better than taking a course.

   IBA106) To write a book on British culture would be challenging.


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