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Pre-analyzed English sentences

Gymnasium English for Science and Technology
HHX Structural Grammar
Elementær Sætningsanalyse Handels- og Ingeniørhøjskolen
English Sentence Analysis Old Exam Papers
English Sentence Analysis Far from the Madding Crowd
Søren Rasmus Ravn Andersen Call of the Wild
Grammar and Written Proficiency HTX

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In the box above, you can type in either a whole sentence from the pre-analyzed set, or a unique string from the sentence, or the relevant identifying code found at the left of each sentence. Alternatively, you can click on the icon to the left of each sentence, if there is one.


The following sentences have been supplied by

Søren Rasmus Ravn Andersen from

VUC Svendborg


   VUC1) Elvis always performed with a piece of garden hose in his pants.

  VUC2) Dean Martin avidly pursued his interest in cocktails.

  VUC3) Was I mad?

  VUC4) Had she never been to the Museum of Modern Art?

  VUC5) I wouldn't trust her if I were you.

  VUC6) I love you.

  VUC7) Miles Davis played a cool trumpet.

  VUC8) I know Carl.

  VUC9) They saw Frank Sinatra.

  VUC10) I know that you are busy.


  VUC11) They gave him a call.

  VUC12) Mortimer sang me an old Beatles song.

  VUC13) Joe Jackson played his audience a slow song.

  VUC14) Joan never wrote me an interesting letter.

  VUC15) They gave going to Paris some more thought.

  VUC16) Jason kissed Imogene on the lawn.

  VUC17) Al always drove his car fast.

  VUC18) Paul walked his dog infrequently.

  VUC19) Today Penelope was watching a TV serial.

  VUC20) The dog wants out.


  VUC21) The murderer remained silent in court.

  VUC22) Peter became famous over the years.

  VUC23) We have all gone computerised these days.

  VUC24) The dream has come true.

  VUC25) That O. J. Simpson was guilty could not be proved.

  VUC26) Marlene called me a nerd this morning.

  VUC27) Mandy painted the town red whenever she got there.

  VUC28) Ursula hated her husband bald and obese.

  VUC29) Randy loved his steak well done.

  VUC30) I should call kissing one's enemy taking it too far.


  VUC31) John left with Joyce.

  VUC32) He gave her a guitar.

  VUC33) Was S¯ren expecting to be forgiven?

  VUC34) Have you ever been in love?

  VUC35) I should have stayed there all night.

  VUC36) John Lennon hit his drummer in the head with his guitar.

  VUC37) Peter Mason composed a song.

  VUC38) He gave J¯rgen money yesterday.

  VUC39) Nobody says that John is handsome.

  VUC40) They left it to Peter to manage the affair.


  VUC41) She told me a lie.

  VUC42) We bought the girls a new dolls house.

  VUC43) The love affair cost him a nervous breakdown.

  VUC44) She taught him another mean trick.

  VUC45) Joan Baez gave quitting the band a good deal of thought.

  VUC46) James Brown never drove his car without stepping on it.

  VUC47) Aretha Franklin enthusiastically conveyed the message of soul to the audience.

  VUC48) Were you alone today?

  VUC49) Had he always been on the verge of insanity?

  VUC50) She could not believe me if I told her the truth.


  VUC51) The Jones' hated classical music.

  VUC52) Bruce had never tasted gooseberries.

  VUC53) The police gave the young offender another chance.

  VUC54) Surprisingly, Al's wife had gone high tech.

  VUC55) You can call me Al.

  VUC56) She tried a new hairstyle.

  VUC57) Ursula tried to remember Carl's remarks.

  VUC58) They said Carl was lying.

  VUC59) He thought I was a fool.

  VUC60) I admire her when she cleans the kitchen.


  VUC61) I like walking on the moon.

  VUC62) Ritchie loved Indian ragas.

  VUC63) Anthony Hopkins preferred a good strong coffee.

  VUC64) Louise did not peel the potatoes.

  VUC65) Polly put the book on the shelf.

  VUC66) The jury remained silent.

  VUC67) The judge seemed nervous.

  VUC68) The student studies grammar intensively.

  VUC69) Tomorrow I shall go to Paris.

  VUC70) Please give me a hug.


  VUC71) Forget what I said.

  VUC72) I do forget myself sometimes.

  VUC73) We will survive.

  VUC74) Leonard Cohen is a fine poet.

  VUC75) I prefer Cohen to Dylan.

  VUC76) Ginsberg has written many odd poems.

  VUC77) Cohen sings beautifully.

  VUC78) I enjoy listening to Bach.

  VUC79) Leonard Cohen once lived on Hydra.

  VUC80) Will Dylan survive?


  VUC81) We intend to travel to Hydra.

  VUC82) Hydra is a Greek island.

  VUC83) Have you been to Greece?

  VUC84) Linux programmers cherish the open source code principles.

  VUC85) Many e-mail browsers now support HTML format.

  VUC86) The new Microsoft Office 2000 products are not Windows 95 compatible.

  VUC87) The growth of online publication is breathtaking.

  VUC88) Research into quantum mechanics based computers is still in its infancy.

  VUC89) Linux is an operating system competing with Bill Gates' windows.

  VUC90) Open source code is a licence which gives the right to copy and change a program.


  VUC91) Usually the source code is a business secret.

  VUC92) Source code is translated into a machine code.

  VUC93) The machine code is sold to ordinary customers.

  VUC94) Hypertext mark up language is known as HTML.

  VUC95) Microsoft Office 2000 cannot work with Windows 95.

  VUC96) Quantum mechanics is the theory of modern physics about particles and atoms.

  VUC97) They say that she is a gossip

  VUC98) That she is a gossip is a fact.

  VUC99) The police know how the murderer approached the building.

  UC100) If Molly had come earlier, she wouldn't have had to come up with that lame excuse.


  VUC101) Stacy called Bob in the night and told him to come over immediately.

  VUC102) Jill either went to the stadium or stayed at home.

  VUC103) Christoffer loved football but was actually a nerd.

  VUC104) Long-haired, lean, red-haired Sally had a smile regulars liked

  VUC105) Brandon was a man of honour but of some sophistication.

  VUC106) The books which he is aquainted with are of poor taste.

  VUC107) Did the New York police ever arrest the man who loved flowers?

  VUC108) The students who were absent hated interactive grammar.

  VUC109) The staff, who were absent, were critical of new pedagogical initiatives.

  VUC110) The female, who resented novel initiatives, voted down a modest proposal.


  VUC111) Soren, who was a one-man missionary, introduced sentence analysis at his school.

  VUC112) I haven't seen her for years.

  VUC113) Have you ever tried computer-dating?

  VUC114) A syntactic understanding is needed for any command of English.

  VUC115) We must listen to the teacher.

  VUC116) We have to listen to the teacher.

  VUC117) You don't have to hold fanatic Chomskian views to understand how to generate sentences.

  VUC118) The boy is too immature to learn computer science.



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