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Kim Ebensgaard Jensen (English)

Student Assistant

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Work Phone: (+ 45) 65 50 33 62

Kim entered the University of Southern Demark as a student of English in 1998 and joined the VISL-Project in 2000. He spent the autumn semester of 2000 at The Queen's University of Belfast in Northern Ireland where he studied Corpus Linguistics under Dr. John M. Kirk at Queen's School of English. Having obtained the B.A. degree in English, heis now working on on his "European Master's Degree in Linguistics" and as part of that programme, he is going to spend the spring semester of 2002 at The University of Manchester to study Morphology, Syntax, Sociolinguistics, and Creole Linguistics.

He is interested in language and linguistics in general, but especially in Syntax, Morphology, Semantics, Pragmatics, Corpus Linguistics, Conversation Analysis, Language Contact, and Historical Germanic Linguistics. Perhaps this interest is the reason why he has been spotted hanging around with the other members of Odense Linguistics Circle (Odense Lingvistikkreds).

He is a member of the team in charge of VISL's grammar quizzes. He is also in charge of the pedagogical commentaries that accompany VISL's phrase structure trees. Moreover, Kim is involved in corpus benchmarking in connection with CG-rule writing plus he is working on some upcoming new features.

Other interests are capoeira, music (he plays the guitar, bass, drums, and berimbau), Star Wars, Icelandic Sagas, and Norse Mythology.

See pictures from Belfast.

Kim's homepage.

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