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Susana Afonso (Portuguese)

Guest Researcher

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Work Phone: (+45) 65 50 33 62

Susana is a guest researcher at the Institute of Language and Communication at Odense. She was educated at the University of Porto (B.A. Modern languages and literatures- Portuguese/English), Portugal. She studied at the University of Manchester for a year (corresponding to the third year of her degree). 1999-2000 she worked as a Portuguese and English teacher (both elementary and secondary levels) under her training year. Presently, she works in the Portuguese part of the VISL-project. The main areas of research involve, in cooperation with the AC/DC project in Oslo, the development of a Portuguese Treebank ("Floresta sintá(c)tica"), which requires the intellectual revision of the parser PALAVRAS automatic analyses. In addition, pedagogical comments are being organised to accompany the analyses.

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