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Pre-analyzed sentences: View and work with VISL-lite pre-analyzed tree structures, using a unified school level system (The Grammy system) for Danish, English, German, French and Spanish.

Paintbox: Danish, English, French, German, Spanish,

Post Office: Danish, English, French, German, Spanish,

Shooting gallery: Bosnian, Danish, English, French, German, Spanish,

WordFall: Bosnian, Danish, English, French, German, Spanish,

SpaceRescue: Bosnian, Danish, English German

The "Paintbox" game tests your knowledge of word classes. Each word class is assigned a specific color and the objective of the game is to "paint" the words in a sentence (or larger text) of your choice, choosing the appropriate word class color from the palette.

At the "Post Office" you have to stamp syntactic function symbols onto words and clauses, using the famous Danish "Cross & Circle-system" (kryds-og-bolle). You can use examples from your text book, or make up your own sentences. To get a soft start, you can work with a reduced or tailor-made subset of symbols.

The "Shooting gallery" is another game which tests your knowledge of word classes. The computer selects a particular word class to test you on, and then sends a series of sentences across the screen. Your task is to shoot down words belonging to the given word class. Your scores compete with other scores worldwide.

"WordFall" tests your knowledge of word classes in another fashion. The computer picks a random sentence from the set of pre-analyzed sentences, and then lets a words fall, one at a time. As they fall, you use the arrow keys to direct them into the appropriate word class container at the bottom of the screen. These containers have the same color scheme as the one used in the Paintbox. Compete worldwide for high scores.


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